Pego do Vigário (Morgado de Alte)

It is a waterfall that lies just below the village of Alte and arises by the flow of Ribeira and the morphology of the valleys and slopes of the area. It measures about 10 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It is a place to access a bit difficult due to its slope.

Fonte Pequena e Fonte Grande

Water sources (Bull’s eye) that, for centuries, been the meeting place of the village women to fill the jars with water and wash clothes today are an environment conducive to rest and pleasant picnic spot. These are springs located in a small valley near the village of Alte. On the banks of the river are restaurants, cafes, depiquenique areas and baths (the dam is a natural pool). The waters of the Fountain Large and Small Font giving rise to Ribeira de Alte, has made ​​moving the nine mills in the village.