The Village


Built between the four mountainous terrain surrounding it – Galvana, Francelheira, Castelo and Rocha Maior – the village invites you to browse through the tight streets, treading softly the sidewalks and gravel and traditional lurking to patios filled with flowers. Once upon a time could hear just around every corner, especially on Rua dos Pisadoiros, the sound of apples crossed the esparto, wild plant that marked the economic and social life of the entire civil parish.


Alte is located in the southern part of the region of the Caldeirão and is bounded on the North by S. Barnabé, on the east by Salir and Benafim, to the South by the municipality of Albufeira and by S. Bartolomeu de Messines West. The civil parish is crossed from West to East by the EN 124 which links Silves to Alcoutim. The 25 Km, approximately, of Loulé, are made easily with the new road made. The 30 Km to Albufeira take longer to go.


The civil parish of Alte, according to preliminary data from the 2001 Census has a population estimated at 2177 people.

Main Activities

The population of Alte deals, mostly, with small trade activities and subsistence agriculture.