Regarding the origin of the name of the village there is a legend that some consider a historical fact. In early times, in all that vast area, there was only a chapel on Vila Verde do Vale, now called, Santa Margarida . In Freixo Verde, located to the east, lived a very religious rich peasant that contributed to the expenses of the chaplain. The chapel was located to the west. The chaplain never celebrated the Mass on Sundays and holy days, if Freixo Verde peasant wasn’t present in the chapel. One day, however, she take so long to get to the chaplain, that he started the celebration. When the faithfuls have returned to their homes in the way they met the peasant on the spot where now stands the village of Alte. Realizing that the mass had been taken even without her presence, the peasant turned to the servants and said:

Stop! I will build a church here.

And so the church was build with the name of Igreja do Alto, then moving, with time, to be designated by the village of Alte, which is not unconnected with the “wood accent”.

According to people close to the hills that surround the village are heard at night the murmurs of the Moors who buried inside, all his riches.

Es are those same hills that motivate
other songs that are still entodas
Four Serros has Alte
That surround it around
Galvana and Francilheira
Castle Rock and Higher
Ditty Alte (in Monograph of the Municipality)

Local Products

In the economy, predominantly agricultural and upland ground and still practices inherited from ancient times, is associated with the production of arbutus brandy, honey, cheese and chocolate. Particular emphasis deserve craft work being executed in the parish of Alte using the esparto, the palm, timber and ceramic that are sold all over the Algarve. In Santa Margarida, find craft of lace and crochet and works in copper and aluminum. In the Tower, visit the cooperative that manufactures wooden toys and hear the famous musical group ” Os Velhos da Torre”.


In the confectionery, sweets and cakes are delicious, especially almond and honey, local pastries.

Cakes that taste good with brandy arbutus.

But in a few places so well know the typical foods of the Algarve hills, chicken giblets or cerejada, homemade cock, the popes and dinner corns, among many others.