In relation to the origin of the name of the village there is a legend that some consider a historical fact. In the early days, in all that vast area, there was only one chapel in the place Vila Verde do Vale, currently called Santa Margarida. In Freixo Verde, located to the east, lived a rich farmer very religious and the one who contributed most to the expenses of the chaplain. Now the hermitage was located at the west. The chaplain would never go up to the altar for mass on Sundays and holy days without the farmer from Freixo Verde being in the chapel. One day, however, she took so long that the chaplain, thinking that she would not come anymore, started the celebration. When the faithful were returning home, on the way they met the farmer on the place where the village of Alte now stands. Realizing that the mass had been celebrated even without her presence, the farmer turned to the servants and said

Halt! I will have a church built here.

And so was built the church that is today the main church, with the name of Igreja do Alto (Church of Alto), later, with time, the village was called Alte, which is not unrelated to the "accent mountain".

According to the people, near the hills that surround the village are heard at night the whispers of the Moors who buried inside, all their wealth.

And it is these same hills that motivate
other songs that are still sung today
Four hills have Alte
That surround him
Galvana and Francilheira
Castello and Rocha Maior
Song of Alte (in Monografia do Concelho de Loulé)

Local Products

The economy, predominantly agricultural and rain-fed and still based on practices inherited from ancient times, is associated with the production of strawberry brandy, honey, cheese and sweets. Particular importance should be given to the handicrafts that are made in the parish of Alte using esparto, palm trees, wood and ceramics, which are sold throughout the Algarve. In Santa Margarida, you will find handicrafts of lace and crochet, and copper and aluminum works. In Torre, visit the cooperative that manufactures wooden toys and listen to the famous musical group "Os Velhos da Torre".


In the sweets and confectionery, there are delicious sweets and cakes, including almond and honey, in local pastry shops.

Cakes that taste good with the medronho brandy.

But few places taste as good as the typical foods of the Algarve hills, the "cabidela" chicken or "cerejada", the homemade rooster, the porridge and the corn dinner, among many others.